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Is Your Senior Constipated? Try These Home Care Tips


Constipation is a common experience that most older adults 60 years olf and older face. This can be caused by varying factors ranging from medications to poor diet.

Constipation is defined as difficulty in passing stool, incomplete passage of stool, or diminished frequency. This often leads to discomfort, if not treated immediately, can lead to severe health risks.

Treating or managing constipation is not difficult. It can still be remedied with at-home treatments to encourage ease of defecation. However, if you observed that your senior is still having trouble passing stool, seek medical attention immediately.

As providers of live-in care in Princeton, let us share some simple at-home treatments for constipation.

  • Drink Water

    Dehydration is a factor for constipation. Medical professionals suggest letting your loved one drink sparkling water.

  • More Fiber, Please

    Include more fiber in your senior’s diet. This complex carbohydrate is responsible for assisting our digestive system, thus, encouraging regular defecation. Our home care in Plano, Texas, can assist with meal preparation.

  • Take Probiotics

    Probiotics are good bacteria that prevent constipation, increasing stool frequency and stool consistency.

  • Take OTC or Prescription Laxatives

    Ask your pharmacist for appropriate medication. OTC or prescription laxatives can aid in relieving constipation. Our home care in Dallas can assist your loved one whenever they need to take their medications.

Constipation is uncomfortable and can affect both physical and mental wellness. Help your senior relieve this problem by following our tips.

Passionate Home Care Services is a provider of quality non-medical home care in Texas. We offer client-based care that focuses on your unique health needs.

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