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Tips for Providing Care for a Dementia Patient


A person diagnosed with dementia experiences an eventual decline in their cognitive faculties. They may become moody, forgetful, and prone to difficult behaviors. It is no shame to admit that taking care of one can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, they may wish to stay in the place they call home for as long as they can. Upholding this is a choice we know too well.

Passionate Home Care Services would like to help. Alongside our home care in Plano, Texas, we offer some useful tips for providing care for a loved one with dementia:

  • Maintain a routine.
    A key part of dementia care is ensuring that the patient accomplishes their activities of daily living for continued wellness. You can do this by doing tasks like bathing, eating, and going to bed on a set schedule as much as possible.
  • Make a system of reminders.
    If they have medication to take, things they wish to do, or appointments to attend, set them down in notes regularly. With companion care, you can have a professional handle reminders and ensure the tasks they involve are accomplished.
  • Stay calm and patient when you communicate.
    Whether you are holding a conversation or asking them to do something, never make them feel like they are being confronted with something serious. Understand that they are not actively making things difficult for you.
  • Respect their agency.
    This may sound counter-intuitive, but you still have to give them time and space to do what they want. A dementia patient still has dignity even in their condition. If you worry about them, you can count on our non-medical home care in Texas to keep them supervised whenever needed.
  • Remember that you have your needs to attend to, as well.
    You can always count on our care team to handle your caregiving duties for you. This way, you can focus on having quality time with your loved one.

Allow us to give your loved ones with dementia the assistance they need to age in place successfully. For more about assisted living, call us now!

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