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Tips in Caring for Seniors with Dementia


Looking after your senior loved one who has a medical condition such as dementia may be challenging. As a Home Care in Plano, Texas, we have listed the following tips on how you can manage their daily tasks and living:

  • Keep a routine
    Schedule the daily tasks such as bathing, eating, and grooming at the same time every day. Make sure that you choose the time of the day that your loved one is most alert.
  • Give simple instructions
    In dementia care, you have to remember that clear and easy-to-follow directions will help them perform each task. Keep in mind to be gentle and respectful also when telling instructions.
  • Help them remain independent
    As much as possible, you also have to give them the space to do their daily tasks on their own. You can assist your loved ones or just be on stand-by when they need help.
  • Safety first
    You also need to create a safe environment for your loved ones. You can install locks on cabinets that may contain dangerous tools. You may also consider assisted living for your loved one for you to make sure that there will be someone who looks after them all the time.

Most importantly, you need to learn about the medical condition of your loved one to know what to expect as their condition progresses. As a Non-Medical Home Care in Texas, Passionate Home Care Services can help you provide the right care for your loved ones with dementia. Our compassionate caregivers are ready to provide support for their everyday activities. To learn more, get in touch with us by calling 214-800-2313.

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