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Understanding Your Veteran’s Trauma


Traumatic events are unfortunate situations that go beyond the typical human experience. Such events can involve death, pain, abuse, and so on. People that have gone through such traumatic situations can continue to face the impact of said events later in their life.

Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD occurs after a traumatic experience or a life-threatening situation, which is a routine occurrence for the people in the military. While families are happy their loved ones have returned, a veteran may continue to face PTSD and its other effects.

While we can only imagine what our loved ones have gone through, they need us more than ever. They need our understanding and acceptance. This starts with proper learning of their trauma and what can family members do to manage the situation.

Some veterans are open to discussing their experiences while others prefer to keep things to themselves. Whichever side your loved one leans more into, accommodate their preference, and let them know you are always ready to listen.

Distressing thoughts, recurring nightmares, or constantly being on edge are among the signs of PTSD. These behaviors do not define your loved one. These are the ways they can manage or channel their trauma. It is best to encourage them to seek help and be ready to call for immediate action in risky situations.

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